Serial Number A4473)
Franchise Transformers
Year July 2013
Release Date July 2013
Price $10.99
Number of Pieces 85
Allegiance Decepticons
Kreons Included Windrazor
Run Standard

Abominus is a Decepticon Kreon Combiner set released in wave 2 of the Kreon Micro Changer Combiners series.


Product DescriptionEdit

Get 4 Micro-Changers in 1 with this awesome Abominus set! You can build 4 different Kreon figures or beasts with the 85 pieces in this set. Build Hun-Gurrr, Predacon Rippersnapper, Sinnertwin and Windrazor figures as robots or beasts. Then you can tear them down and use all the pieces to build a giant Combiner robot! Build your Transformers adventures, then tear them down to build new ones! KRE-O, Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

Character ProfileEdit

Abominus is a rage-filled beast who doesn't understand simple commands when in his combined form. the Decepticons basically just point him in the right directino and watch him wreak havoc on whatever might be in his path. His limited intelligence makes it difficult for him to communicate. He's tried taking anger management classes, but he usually just smashes the coffee machine to pieces and then leaves.

  • Hobby: Attack the Autobots.
  • Rival: Computron


Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Blight, who misses out being part of the gestalt, instead comes separately in a blind-packed bag. But he can be unofficially built as part of Abominus if you have any sense of creativity.
  • Abominus' helmet is shown as purple in promotional images, and dark-red on the packaging and promo images of Hun-Gurrr. The actual helmet that comes with the set is a light-gray color.

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