Battle Fortress
Battle fortress 01
Serial Number A6739
Franchise Dungeons & Dragons
Year 2014
Number of Pieces 297
Allegiance Humanity
Kreons Included unknown at this time
Also promoted as the Fortress Defense set, the Battle Fortress is a Kre-O Dungeons & Dragons construction set representing an orcish siege on a human fortification. It includes six kreons (two humans, and four orcs), as well as parts to build a fortress wall including a working drawbridge and collapsible wall, and a wheeled orcish catapult that can launch the included red balls.

Product DescriptionEdit

Build your fortress gatehouse to defend against invading orcs and other opponents! Lower the draw bridge and send your KREON army into battle as your opponent tries to hit your fortress’ breakout windows! The KRE-O DUNGEONS & DRAGONS FORTRESS DEFENSE Building Set features the new KRE-O modular building system which lets you quickly rebuild your castle or easily rearrange to create a custom castle. Build the included spring-fired, wheeled catapult to destroy your opponent’s armies or castles!  Set includes six DUNGEONS & DRAGONS KREON figures with KREON cards for the ultimate KRE-O DUNGEONS & DRAGONS battle. Also included are seven DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Challenge Cards providing challenges preparing you to MASTER THE BATTLE! (Approximate Retail Price: $24.99; Ages: 7 & up; Pieces: 282; Available: January 2014)

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