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Build the best G.I. Joe adventures with this awesome Kre-O G.I. Joe Playset - Battle Platform Attack! Use the 368 pieces in this set to build a combat-ready Battle Platform with 2 rotating turrets, a satellite dish, and a control panel. Build the Trouble Bubble, mini-chopper and motorcycle vehicles, then put your Cobra Commander and Cobra Trooper Kreon figures at the controls for their attack! Will your Conrad "Duke" Hauser and Roadblock figures be able to fight them off with the Battle Platform's missiles and put them in the jail cell? Get the G.I. Joe battle going with this Battle Platform Attack set!

The Kre-O G.I. Joe Playset - Battle Platform Attack features:

Build a Battle Platform and 3 vehicles with this 368-piece Kre-O set!

Build a trouble bubble, mini chopper and motorcycle.

2 firing missiles!

Rotating turrets!

Opening jail cell.

Includes 5 Kreon figures!

Cobra Commander, Conrad Duke Hauser, Roadblock and 2 Cobra Trooper figures come with weapons.

Building set works with major brands.


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