Battle for Energon
Battle-for-Energon-Box 1350915500
Serial Number 98812
Franchise Transformers
Year 2012
Release Date July 2012
Price $39.99
Number of Pieces 379
Allegiance Autobots.Decepticons
Kreons Included Security Officer
Tank Driver
Optimus Prime
Run Standard

The Battle For Energon set is a construction set released in 2012.


  • Buildable Optimus Prime
  • Buildable Megatron
  • Bank Diorama
  • Dark Energon piece


Product DescriptionEdit

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Both the Optimus and Megatron Kreons are based on their Prime (Aligned) incarnations.
  • Includes a translucent purple piece to build the The Quest Blaster.

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