Beast Blade Optimus Prime
Serial Number A2203 (2013)

B6424 (2016)

Franchise Transformers
Year 2013
Number of Pieces 251
Allegiance Autobots/Predacons
Kreons Included Autobots:


Create it with Kre-O building sets! Build this Transformers Beast Hunters version of Optimus Prime in robot or truck mode with the Kre-O Transformers Beast Hunters Beast Blade Optimus Prime building set. Kre-O building sets open up exciting building play with colorful bricks, cool Kreon figures and accessory pieces to build with attitude.

Build with Attitude!
The exciting battle continues as the menacing Predacon beasts join the Decepticons in the fight to conquer the world. With the Kre-O Transformers Beast Hunters Beast Blade Optimus Prime building set, you can build Optimus Prime in robot mode or truck mode equipped with beast fighting weapons to battle Razor Back the cyber beast. The Kre-O Transformers Beast Blade Optimus Prime building set comes with 2 Kreon figures.

Release Date: ??? 2013



The Beast Blade Optimus Prime building kit is re-packaged and re-released as Beast Hunter Optimus Prime, and it was sold through budget chains like Dollar General and Family Dollar in the US.

However, the instructions omitted any mention or visuals of the kit's large robot build.


  • The included Optimus Prime Kreon figure are in the style of Beast Hunters Optimus Prime.
  • The Energon Kicker figure is based on Kicker Jones from Transformers: Energon.

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