Ultimate-Optimus-Prime-Kreon-Bluestreak 1350926881
Finally, Hasbro has released

a blue Bluestreak!

Franchise Transformers
Set Optimus Prime (30689)
Year 2011
Blind Bag Code
Number of Pieces 5
Allegiance Autobots
Resources Instructions (as part of

Optimus Prime set)

 Bluestreak is an Autobot Kreon based on the Transformers character of the same name.


  • Optimus Prime w/ Optimus Prime, Skywarp, Bluestreak, and two stunt driver Kreons (2011, 542 pieces)
The Optimus Prime construction set comes with a Bluestreak Kreon. It has a helmet, a door-wing backpiece that attaches around its neck, and a blaster. Its color represents the Diaclone version of G1 Bluestreak. His helmet and door-wings are shared with Prowl, whose original toy was a modified version of the same mold Bluestreak used.
Character Profile:
Whether he's in combat or at a birthday party, Bluestreak will talk an Autobot's audio circuits off! His friends know he means well, but Bluestreak's constant yammering can be pretty distracting on the battlefield. Thankfully, good ol' Optimus Prime can muzzle him when it's time to fight.


  • Bluestreak's name is a reference to his original incarnation's talkative nature (from the expression "talk a blue streak"), rather than his color scheme, which was mostly silver in most incarnations.

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