Franchise Transformers
Set Stealth Bumblebee
Year 2012
Blind Bag Code
Number of Pieces 2
Allegiance Autobots
Resources Instructions (as part of

Stealth Bumblebee set)

The Bulldog is an Autobot's best friend! A two-piece canine minifigure included in the Stealth Bumblebee construction set, the Bulldog would later become more notable for its appearances in the Transformers Webcomic.


A reckless driver nearly ran the bulldog over as it walked along a crosswalk, but Bumblebee rescued him in the nick of time by Block Transforming the car into Mega-Bumblebee. Bumblebee adopted the stray pup, welcoming it home to the Autobot base.[1] The bulldog later appeared in its new master's arms, wearing a spiked collar.[2] When the Autobots and their allies started gushing over the cute new Predacons, the bulldog simply observed without any sign of emotion.[3]


Although the bulldog is sometimes identified by fans as "Bonecrusher" after the dog in the the live-action Revenge of the Fallen film (and bearing the same name in real life as director Michael Bay's pet), that dog is actually a mastiff.


  • The bulldog minifigure included in the Stealth Bumblebee set wears a spiked collar, which it did not have in the Webcomic until its second appearance, suggesting that artist Hayato Sakamoto may have intended the collar to be a sign of Bumblebee's ownership of the dog.
  • The exact same mold was later used for the dog Junkyard, companion of G.I. Joe dog handling specialist Mutt—even though none of the previous toys or other appearances of Junkyard were anything close to bulldogs.


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