Bumblebee Construction Set
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Serial Number 31144
Franchise Transformers
Year 2011
Number of Pieces 75
Allegiance Autobot
Kreons Included None
Resources Instructions
The smaller Bumblebee Kre-O kit is loosely based on the original Bumblebee from the 1980's. He transforms into a compact car.

This building set was also included in the Transformers Ultimate Vehicle Pack .

Included KreonsEdit


Product DescriptionEdit

With 75 bricks and other construction pieces, you can build the heroic Bumblebee character in either robot or vehicle mode with just one set! In robot mode, your Bumblebee figure is an intimidating force. Build and rebuild him so he can best serve the Autobot cause! In vehicle mode, your Bumblebee sports car can hit the road against his enemies! [1]



Main article: Instructions Bumblebee (31144)

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