Bumblebee (36421)
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Serial Number 36421
Franchise Transformers
Year 2011
Release Date June 2011
Price $24.99
Number of Pieces 355
Allegiance Autobots
Kreons Included Bumblebee
Red Alert
Run Standard

The Bumblebee Deluxe set is a building set released in 2011.


  • Buildable Bumblebee kit


Product DescriptionEdit

This two-in-one KRE-O TRANSFORMERS BUMBLEBEE construction set lets you bring the popular character to life like never before. You can build your BUMBLEBEE character in robot mode and then use the very same bricks to reassemble him in vehicle mode. Also included are three poseable KREON mini figures to accompany 7- to 14-year-olds on whatever adventures they can imagine. [1]


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Notes & TriviaEdit

  • The larger Bumblebee Kre-O building kit is loosely based on the characters appearance in the blockbuster films. He transforms into a sports car that loosely resembles a Chevy Camaro. He comes included with a spring-loaded launcher brick and missile.
  • The Driver Kreon might be based on Sam Witwicky.