Bumblebee (Battle Changers)
Serial Number B0716
Franchise Transformers
Year 2015
Release Date 2015
Number of Pieces 81
Allegiance Autobots
Kreons Included Bumblebee (Helmet and Torso)
Run Normal

Build an awesome KREON figure in 1 of 2 modes with this hardcore Bumblebee set! You can use the 81 pieces in this set to build a Bumblebee KREON figure as a fast-dodging sports or robot warrior. With him in charge of recon and armed with 2 blasters, your KRE-O Transformers adventures are going to rock and roll! Start building your Transformers forces with this Bumblebee set!



  • Battle Changers Bumblebee (along with the first wave) is available in selected Asian countries since December 2014.
  • Strangely, the CG render of this product details a front windshield in place of Bumblebee's racing stripes, why it was removed is beyond us.