Captain Kirk
Brandnav kirk
Boldly going where no kreon has gone before.
Franchise Star Trek
Set U.S.S. Enterprise (A3137)
Year 2013
Blind Bag Code
Number of Pieces 5
Allegiance Starfleet

Captain James Tiberius Kirk is a major character in the Star Trek franchise, both within Kre-O and beyond. Represented by no less than five kreon minifigures, he is featured prominently in promotional material. In general, he is presented in his role as captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise, a vessel serving under the Starfleet Command of the United Federation of Planets; the majority of kreons represent him in the alternate timeline of the rebooted film continuity beginning with the 2009 premiere of the film Star Trek. As a Kreon, Kirk is recognizable by his caucasian skin, light brown hair, and tendency to be represented with a bemused expression. As a member of the Command division in Starfleet, Kirk usually wears a yellow or gold-toned uniform (this only reflects the style of the stories set in the late 22nd Century; Star Trek media set after that uses red uniforms for command and gold uniforms for security personnel).

The "standard" Kirk kreon is the one included in the U.S.S. Enterprise (A3137) set, including a phaser weapon and a brown hair piece.

Orbital SkydiverEdit

Included in the Space Dive set is a kreon of Kirk dressed in an Environmental Suit designed to protect him while parachuting from a suborbital position. This kreon features a special "LIGHTTECH" torso piece that incorporates an electric light; the neck peg is transparent and allows light through to the kreon's head, creating an effect like an illuminated visor when the kreon's helmet is in place. This is effect is activated by squeezing the kreon's torso.

"Civilian Clothes"Edit

Included in the Klingon Bird Of Prey set, this kreon represents Kirk dressed in casual clothing as seen in the film Star Trek: Into Darkness in an attempt to conceal his connections to the Federation and avoid war with the Klingons.

Original SeriesEdit

A kreon of Kirk in the style of the original Star Trek television series and film franchise is included among the Series 2 Kreon figure packs, featuring a retro-style phaser weapon, and a Vulcan lirpa melee weapon in an apparent reference to the episode "Amok Time", matching a Spock kreon included in the same series of blind bag packs.

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