The Class of 1984 is a set of Kreons designed in a fashion similar to that of a school yearbook, complete with designations for each Kreon such as "Prom Queen" or "Class Grouch". Listed within this sets box can be seen Cybertronian text, both Autobot Script and Decepticon Script by each character that lists each characters name when translated. Also listed toward the top right is displayed the classic phrase "Robots In Disguise" written in Autobot Script. Needless to say, whoever was responsible for designing this set put lots of dedication into it that shows. The Kreon Class of 1984 set was exclusive to San Diego ComicCon 2014 and consisted of the following figures:
SDCC Kreon Class of 1984 Box Exterior
  1. Arcee - Prom Queen
  2. Bluestreak - Class Chatterbox
  3. Brawn - Class Jock
  4. Bumblebee - Best Spark
  5. Cliffjumper - Most Fearless
  6. Decepticon Frenzy - Most Spirited
  7. Gears - Class Grouch
  8. Hound - Friendliest
  9. Huffer - Biggest Rust Bucket
  10. Ironhide - Best Bot to Bring Home to Primus
  11. Jazz - Most Rad
  12. Megatron - Best Frenemies (With Starscream)
  13. Mirage - Best Dressed
  14. Optimus Prime - Most Likely To Succeed
  15. Perceptor - Class Brain
  16. Prowl - Best Logic Processors
  17. Ratchet - Class Fixer
  18. Rumble - Most Likely To Shake Things Up
  19. Shockwave - Best Optics
  20. Skrapnel - Most Repetitive, Repetitive
  21. Sideswipe - Prom King
  22. Skywarp - Most Punctual
  23. Soundwave - Class Gossip
  24. Starscream - Best Frenemies (With Megatron)
  25. Sunstreaker - Best Looking
  26. Thundercracker - Most Indecisive
  27. Trailbreaker - Class Clown
  28. Ultra Magnus - Teacher's Pet
  29. Wheeljack - Most Likely To Blow Himself Up
  30. Windcharger - Most Likely To Run Out Of Energon

Though not specifically Kreons, there are several characters that are represented (in their characters heritage alternate configuration) as Class of 1984 Artifacts, essentially making this set a 33 pack instead of just a 30 pack. These figures are similar in concept to the Soundwave that was included with the Stealth Bumblebee building set. Of special note is that these three in particular have as part of their deco the very first representation in all of Kre-O of the iconic Generation 1 feature, the famous Rub Symbol that was used to originally identify the authenticity of your original Generation 1 Transformer.

Other artifacts included are:

  • Blonde Mullet
  • Stereo Boombox
  • Transformers: The Movie Soundtrack (Based On A Vinyl Record In Sleeve)
  • Cellular Phone with screen displaying "OPTIMUS". Perhaps he's calling himself?
  • Floppy Disk (Based on the 5 1/4")
  • Hair Spray
  • I (Autobot Symbol) 80s (Based on I <3 80s)
  • Admission Ticket
  • VHS Cassette Tape labelled "TF" (Likely a nod to those who recored/taped episodes when they aired on television)
  • Rubik's Cube

Special thanks to the fine folks at the Allspark for supplying the high resolution images of this set.

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