Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've heard it before. "You look just like BUMBLEBEE!" I know! But does that tin-plated punk pack a punch like me? I don't think so. If those DECEPTICON blockheads think they're getting any ENERGON on my watch, well, they are mistaken.

  • Likes: Fighting.
  • Hobbies: Fighting.
  • Occupation: Fighting.

Character Profile:Edit

Don't compare Cliffjumper to his Autobot buddies. He really hates that. As the team's most spontaneous and unpredictable member, Cliffjumper goes out of his way to show everyone how unique he really is. He loves a good disguise and delights in showing off his mad skills in battle.


Decepticon AmbushEdit

Main Article: Decepticon Ambush

Custom KreonEdit

Main Article: Cliffjumper (A7314)

Class of 1984 SetEdit

Main Article: Cliffjumper (B0090)

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