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First released at the back-end of 2013, these individually-carded Kreons include a huge number of extra body parts and accessories, many chromed (thus resulting in some extremely tight fits) or translucent (which, when combined with the chromed parts, may end up with stress fractures). Their "normal" body parts have a metal-flake sheen (usually). They also come with a customizable "rack" to store their unused parts, though the helmets just kind of sit on the torso's neck-pegs, not secure at all. Returning characters typically have altered and more extensive tampographs across most of their opaque parts.

This series was intentionally produced in smaller numbers than the other series.

Collection 1Edit

Collection 2Edit

Though widely solicited, this wave of Custom Kreons ultimately never saw release outside of the Hasbro Toy Shop online store and Chinese-market distribution circles.

Collection 3 (AoE Collection 1)Edit

Collection 4 (AoE Collection 2)Edit

Collection 5 (AoE Collection 3)Edit

Collection 6 (RiD Collection 1)Edit

Collection 7 (RiD Collection 1 [2017])Edit

These "Armor Up" Custom Kreons include arm and leg extension armor. They are based on the main Autobots of Robots in Disguise sans Strongarm.


  • The "Autobot Command Center" set includes a Custom Kreon rack/part setup.
  • The ball-and-socket joints from Collection 6 is slightly smaller than the previous ones, save for the swivel joint.