Grimlock Unleashed Set
Serial Number A8600
Franchise Age of Extinction
Year 2014
Number of Pieces 333
Allegiance Autobots/Decepticons
Kreons Included Autobots:


Check out the new KRE-O TRANSFORMERS GRIMLOCK UNLEASHED building set! This G1-inspired build of Grimlock is 333 pieces and includes 5 KREON figures: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Galvatron, Lockdown and G1 Grimlock with crown. Build the largest version of T-Rex Grimlock ever made!
  • Release Date: May 2014



  • The Grimlock Kreon who comes with a crown in respect to his appearance in the original G1 Marvel Comics.
  • This set does not utilize an alternate robot mode for Grimlock.
  • The Optimus Prime Kreon had no smokestacks for his arms.
  • The Bumblebee Kreon features a different expression.
  • The Galvatron Kreon lacks the metal-flake shimmer, plus he has a gray waistpiece and golden hands.

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