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Destruction Site DevastatorEdit

The Ironhide Kreon was exclusive to this set.

Hey there whippersnapper! I'm IRONHIDE – so called because nothin' gets through my armor! You kids today love yer blasters and explosions and so forth. You don't appreciate a good set of laserproof plates. Well listen up! Ain't no DECEPTICON getting past me! This Energon is safe as houses when Ironhide is guarding it.

Best Friend: I’ve been a bodyguard to OPTIMUS PRIME since he was just one brick high.

Earliest Memory: Blasting DECEPTICONS! I remember it like it was yesterday. Wait. It might actually have been yesterday.

Favorite Weapon: My trusty Omega Black Hole Cannon. There’s nothing like the classics!

Character Profile:

There's no one Optimus Prime trusts more in battle than his old friend Ironhide. His parts might be a little rusty and he can't change modes as quickly as he used to, but he can still shoot an Omega Black Hole Cannon pretty well. He'll even tell you all about it! Over and over again. Until you lose your mind.

Autobot Assault DevastatorEdit

This set was identical to the Destruction Site Devastator set, with the addition of the Ironhide building set, and still included the Ironhide Kreon. This set was exclusive to Toys 'R' Us stores.


Ironhide Custom KreonEdit

This set includes extra pieces and a storage rack to customise your kreon any way you want. This set marks the first single release of the Ironhide character in Kre-O outside of a building set.

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