Jazz mostly refers to the character, but can also refer to the Building Set featuring him.

Character ProfileEdit

Jazz is always itching for a fight. The thing that really gets him pumped for battle is his favorite song "Nothin' but a Bot Thing"! He also loves relaxing ringside at a boxing match and enjoying a nice demolition derby.

Bam! It's AUTOBOT JAZZ here and I'm just aching for some downright magnificent DECEPTICON beat-downs. But, OPTIMUS PRIME told me in that big serious voice of his, "Restraint in battle is a virtue we must maintain." Blah, blah, blah, I want to get out there and kick some DECEPTICON tail pipe!

  • Favorite Pastime:Visiting the KREON bloxing clubs to catch a fight with my crew.
  • Favorite Song:"Nothin' But A Bot Thing"
  • Favorite Sport:Demolition derby.

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