Blind-Bag Klingon
Franchise Star Trek
Set Star Trek Kreon Figure Pack

Collection 1 (#A3685)

Blind Bag Code 3071108
Number of Pieces 6
Allegiance Klingon Empire
Resources Instructions

Klingons are kreons in the Star Trek sub-line, found in blind bag packs as well as in larger sets. Based on the appearance of Klingons in the alternate reality of J.J. Abrams's rebooted Star Trek film series, they are distinctive among kreons for having heads with molded details (made of a different plastic from other pieces) rather than using a helmet or hair piece to modify the standard head type.

Klingon kreons are found in the Transporter Trouble and Bird of Prey sets, as well as the Toys "R" Us exclusive Space Ship Face Off set.


The Klingon in the Kreon Figure Pack is put together by connecting the head, torso, and legs as normal; however, the included "coat" piece is placed on the kreon by removing the kreon's arms, folding the coat piece around the figure and sliding the ball joints for its arms through the holes in the coat piece, and then replacing the arms. It can wield its included bat'leth weapon in either hand, or both at once.

External LinksEdit

Alternate reality Klingons at Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki

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