Knock Out
 Knock Out is a kreon included in the Street Showdown building set.

Official bioEdit

Well hello. I’m KNOCK OUT, and I build and install weapons for the DECEPTICONS. Nothing makes me happier than watching one of my blasters blow the bricks out of a KREON. Well, except experimenting on folks. Speaking of which, have you ever considered replacing that weak old arm of yours with an ion cannon?

Likes: Things that make you go boom.

Favorite color: Orange. Like fire and molten steel.

Best customer: MEGATRON

Character Profile:

Knock Out loves sweet-talking his fellow Decepticons into letting him experiment on them. Who doesn't love a good upgrade? He enjoys watching his evil creations wreak havoc upon the Autobots. Knock Out may seem like a cold guy, but there's one thing he loves more than anything: himself!


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