Transformers Webcomic
"Kreon Story"
Publisher Takara Tomy
First published August 2013
By Hayato Sakamoto

The prologue of Takara Tomy's Transformers Webcomic: out of energon blocks, the Autobot kreons decide to search for some on another planet. But when Megatron and the Decepticons chase after them and board their spaceship (the Ark), the kreons crash and wind up sleeping for millions of years, only to awaken on Earth. Knock Out wonders if Earth has bricks....


In order of appearance:




Translation - kreon story

Translation by Tumblr user needsabouttreefiddy

Caption: 4 Million Years Ago on the far away planet Cybertron.

SFX: (growling stomachs)

Bumblebee: "I can't move anymore..."

Optimus: "We don't have enough energy blocks to make dinner..."

Wheeljack: "Shall we go look for some on another planet, Optimus Prime?"

Ratchet & Bulkhead: "Hurray! Food!"

SFX: (growling stomachs, roaring engines)

(from the Ark): "Off we go!"

Megatron: "Planning to keep all that energy to yourself, Optimus Prime?! We're going too!"

Vortex, Starscream, & Vehicon: "Yes, Megatron!"

Megatron: "Everyone, board that ship!"

SFX: (crashing)

(from the Ark): "Ah! Go away!" "We're too heavy!" "We're gonna crash!"

SFX: (yawning, growling stomach)

Caption: And now, the present...!

Optimus: "We overslept by 4 million years..."

Megatron: "This is why I told you to set the alarm...!!"

Starscream: "Then you should have done it yourself!!"

Vortex: "So this is Earth..."

Knock Out: "Do they have blocks here?"


  • Although both Bulkhead and Arcee were available as kreons at the time this comic debuted, their appearance in the comic seems to mostly be Sakamoto's invention. Both are based on how they look in the Transformers: Prime cartoon, rather than the Generation 1-based design for Arcee's Micro-Changer kreon or the Bulkhead without a jaw-covering mouthplate that appeared in the same line. A Prime-styled Arcee would later appear as part of the Autobot Command Center, but still did not resemble this version. Ratchet also appears with a slight resemblance to his Transformers: Prime incarnation—his helmet crest is red, rather than the black used on his kreon. This appears to be deliberate: all the characters included had incarnations on Transformers: Prime.
  • Vortex would later appear with a distinctive verbal tic of ending his sentences in "-ex". He lacks this characteristic in this early appearance.

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