Nocturnal Fire Kreon ™

Souvenir Figure Set

Nocturnal fire poster
Figure set mini-flier
Serial Number N/A
Franchise G.I. Joe
Year 2013
Number of Pieces 62
Allegiance Cobra, G.I. Joe
Kreons Included Cobra Mortal, S.A.W.-Viper (x2),

Spearhead, Repeater, Charbroil

Nocturnal Fire was a theme of exclusive souvenirs available at the 2013 "GIJoeCon" official G.I. Joe convention, including the Nocturnal Fire Kreon Souvenir Figure Set, and the individually-packaged Kreon Hit & Run. The theme is based on the G.I. Joe nocturnal operations sub-team Night Force battling a Cobra demolitions team led by the Venezuelan warlord Cobra Mortal.

Unlike the rounded shoulders typical of human Kreons in other sub-lines (including G.I. Joe Kreons), the kreons made available as part of this theme feature the angular shoulder style used for Transformers Kreons.

Kreon Souvenir Figure SetEdit

Packaged in a blind bag with a mini-flier (and no instructions), this set includes six Kreons: four unique characters, and two identical S.A.W.-Vipers. Most of the weapons and other accessories included in this set are recognizable by their metallic silver coloration, distinct from the usual flat colors of kreon equipment. Additionally, the flak jackets that come with the S.A.W.-Viper, Repeater, and Charbroil kreons feature paint applications. The included mini-flier depicts a backpack piece beside Spearhead; however, this piece was not included in the final set.



Hit & RunEdit

Main article: Hit & Run

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