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Top: Dark Energon Weapon Bottom: Pieces 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7

Collect all 7 special pieces from exciting series of Kre-O Transformers from 2012, the "Quest for Energon" Building Sets. Combine all 7 special pieces to form the Dark Energon Weapon! Click for instructions on how to construct your Dark Energon Weapon, The Quest Blaster.

Each special piece comes with the following Quest for Energon Building Sets:

Stealth Bumblebee

Cycle Chase

Battle for Energon

Destruction Site Devastator

Rotor Rage

Street Showdown

Decepticon Ambush

What's in a name?Edit

Hasbro confirmation of official name for Quest Blaster

Due to a scarcity of information from Hasbro, there has been much debate over the official name of the completed weapon. Having contacted Hasbro directly, inquiring as to the name, we have now been supplied with official confirmation that the weapon is in fact called by the name "QUEST BLASTER", as was seen on the official instructions.

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