"I cannae change the laws of physics!

I've got to have thirty minutes!"

Franchise Star Trek
Set Transporter Trouble
Year 2013
Blind Bag Code
Number of Pieces 5
Allegiance Starfleet
Montgomery "Scotty" Scott is a character in the Star Trek franchise, represented in the Kre-O Star Trek sub-line by at least two individual Kreon minifigures. He is mostly represented in his role as a Chief Engineer of the U.S.S. Enterprise (though no Enterprise set is yet available that includes him) with the rank of Lieutenant Commander, with both existing kreons representing him as he appears in the alternate timeline of the rebooted film continuity beginning with the 2009 premiere of the film Star Trek. As an engineer, Scotty is noted for his association not only with the upkeep of the Enterprise, but his in-depth knowledge of its transporter systems that are used to teleport matter (including living creatures) from the ship to nearby locations.

As a Kreon, he is recognizable by his Caucasian skin and light-brown hair in a swept-back mold that seems to be an imitation of the receding hairline of the actor Simon Pegg, who portrays him in the rebooted films. As a member of Starfleet's Operations division that includes engineers and security personnel, Scotty usually wears a red uniform (this only reflects the style of the stories set in the late 22nd Century; Star Trek media set after that uses red uniforms for command and gold uniforms for Ops personnel).



Hidden aboard a hostile vessel crawling with elite troops, and this is the confident Scotty?

Representing Scotty as having sneaked onto the U.S.S. Vengeance as seen in Into Darkness, this kreon wears a plain gray or silver-toned formal dress uniform and features a more confident expression than the earlier version included in the Transporter Trouble set.

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