Megatron (30688)Edit

Shockwave  is a Decepticon Kreon included with the Megatron building set, based upon the characters appearance in Generation 1. 

Autobot Command Center building setEdit

KreoAutobotCommandCenter2 1378781461
Shockwave is a Decepticon Kreon released in the Autobot Command Center building set, based upon the characters appearance in Transformers: Prime, the set includes Kreons of Arcee , Bumblebee , Ratchet , Shockwave , and Knockout . (MSRP $49.99)

Character Profile:

Shockwave is cold, calculating, and logical. These are all traits that make him a merciless Decepticon warrior. That is, unless you turn on the song "Shake Your Bot-Bot." It's his favorite.

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