Shockwave (B2690)
Serial Number B0715
Franchise Transformers
Year 2015
Release Date March 2015(Vintage)
Number of Pieces 73
Allegiance Decepticons
Kreons Included Shockwave (Head and Torso)
Run Standard

Shockwave is a Kre-O Battle Changer released in 2015.


Build an awesome KREON figure in 1 of 2 modes with this hardcore Shockwave set! You can use the 73 pieces in this set to build a Shockwave KREON figure as a rumbling tank or robot warrior. Whatever mode he’s in, your KRE-O Transformers adventures are going to rock and roll! Start building your Transformers forces with this Shockwave set!


Notes & TriviaEdit

  • This Shockwave is a hybrid between two incarnations of the character: the robot mode is inspired by his Generation 1 counterpart, while his vehicle mode is based on his Aligned/Prime character.

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