I'm the best sword fighter in the universe. You heard me. In. The. Universe. You need something sliced, diced, or just chopped in half, you give me a call. I'm the secret weapon of the AUTOBOTS. Well, except that the DECEPTICONS know about me.
Sharpening my swords. Cutting things apart. Checking my swords to make sure they're sharp.

Most Prized Possession:
My swords. Duh.

Greatest Fear:
Anything my swords can't cut. Which is nothing, so I'm fearless!

Character Profile:

Sideswipe is the Autobots' chief weapons master and unofficial head of swashbuckling. He's a total genius with a blade and has been known to slice and dice his way through a Decepticon or two. Don't bother him while he's sharpening his swords! He can be a little bit of a cranky-pants.


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