A table of all known Star Trek Kreons.

CHARACTER - the Star Trek character name
KREON RELEASES - A more descriptive name for the character in kreon form, values in different rows that are the same mean they are exactly the same iteration of that kreon
ODD VARIANT - unintended/unofficial "variants", possible factory/packaging/painting errors
SOURCE/SET - where the kreon can be found
NOTES - just random notes about the kreon

Captain KirkU.S.S. Enterprise (A3137)
Dr. McCoyU.S.S. Enterprise (A3137)
SpockU.S.S. Enterprise (A3137)
Blonde Special Ops (Section 31)U.S.S. Enterprise (A3137)
Brunette Special Ops (Section 31)U.S.S. Enterprise (A3137)
Captain Kirk (Civilian Clothes)Klingon Bird Of Prey (A3136)
UhuraKlingon Bird Of Prey (A3136)
Klingon with Bat'lethKlingon Bird Of Prey (A3136)
Klingon with GunKlingon Bird Of Prey (A3136)
Captain Kirk (Orbital Skydiving Suit)Space Dive (3138)
Federation Special OpsSpace Dive (3138)
SuluSpock's Volcano Mission (A3139)
Spock (Thermal Protection Suit)Spock's Volcano Mission (A3139)
ScottyTransporter Trouble (A3140)
Klingon with Bat'lethTransporter Trouble (A3140)
Scotty (Flight Suit)U.S.S. Vengeance (A4364)
Specialist Captain (Section 31)U.S.S. Vengeance (A4364)
Specialist (Black Hair)U.S.S. Vengeance (A4364)
Specialist (Bald)U.S.S. Vengeance (A4364)
Captain Kirk (Flight Suit)Klingon Starfleet Attack (A4879)
Spock (Flight Suit)Klingon Starfleet Attack (A4879)
Dr. McCoy (Medical Tunic)Klingon Starfleet Attack (A4879)
Sulu (Neutral Facial Expression)Klingon Starfleet Attack (A4879)
ChekovKlingon Starfleet Attack (A4879)
Klingon with Bat'lethKlingon Starfleet Attack (A4879)
Klingon with Gun 1Klingon Starfleet Attack (A4879)
Klingon with Gun 2Klingon Starfleet Attack (A4879)
NeroBlind Pack Series 1
KeenserBlind Pack Series 1
Lt. SprogBlind Pack Series 1
KlingonBlind Pack Series 1
GornBlind Pack Series 1
GrasiaBlind Pack Series 1
KirkBlind Pack Series 2
SpockBlind Pack Series 2
WorfBlind Pack Series 2
General ChangBlind Pack Series 2
Borg DroneBlind Pack Series 2
LocutusBlind Pack Series 2
Gul DukatBlind Pack Series 2
Khan Noonien SinghBlind Pack Series 2
Salt VampireBlind Pack Series 2
MugatoBlind Pack Series 2
QuarkBlind Pack Series 2
AndorianBlind Pack Series 2

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