Stealth Bumblebee Set
Stealth-Bumblebee-Box 1350914621
Serial Number 98814
Franchise Transformers
Year 2012
Number of Pieces 257
Allegiance Autobot
Kreons Included Bumblebee, Biker,

Security Guard (2), Bulldog

Resources Instructions
Part of the "Quest for Energon" series, this set contains one piece of the Dark Energon Weapon, The Quest Blaster !

Included KreonsEdit

Security Guard 1
Security Guard 2

Product DescriptionEdit

This awesome Stealth Bumblebee set is your ticket to incredible Transformers building action! The 257 pieces in this set let you build an intense Bumblebee figure as a robot, then tear him down to rebuild him as a sports car for the Quest for Energon! Your Bumblebee, Security Guard and Biker Kreon figures are also standing by to help your Bumblebee figure in his next mission against the Deceptions! Put your Biker Kreon figure on his motorcycle to do recon, then send the rest into battle with their weapons. With you and the Autobot Kreon figures on the job, there's no mission you can't complete! [1]

Character Profile:

There isn't a bot in this universe that can beat Bumblebee in a drag race. He lives to burn rubber! He's so slick and quick that he makes the Decepticons look like a bunch of robo-turkeys Sure, he loves to show off his sweet moves, but who wouldn't when you're the coolest Autobot ever?



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