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Micro-Changers are Transformers Kreon minifigures that are packaged without additional pieces to build a separate model; unlike kreon-only sets in other sub-lines, these kreons are designed to be put together in 2 or more ways. They're available in individually-packaged blind bag sets that include parts to rebuild the kreon in a "vehicle mode" or "beast mode" configuration, as well as the Combiners series, which include 4 unique kreons and parts to build a larger minifigure using pieces from all the included kreons. As there are currently over 50 in just the blind bag waves, they've been sorted over to their own article.





Constructicon DevastatorEdit


Decepticon BruticusEdit



Decepticon PiranaconEdit

Ultimate Kreon CollectionEdit


2pack at soon at Retail.

Each set contains five previously released Transformers kreons.

Assortment #A4641

Assortment #A4642

Custom KreonEdit

Sets containing a variety of parts to assemble kreons, including chrome silver helmets and translucent helmet, body, and leg pieces, as well as new weapons and equipment. Each set includes a small display rack for holding unused pieces.

Collection 1Edit

Collection 2Edit


  1. Megaplex
  2. Obsidian
  3. Skywarp
  4. Strika
  5. Hoist
  1. Kreon Fractyl
  2. Kreon Landshark
  3. Kreon Breakdown
  4. Kreon Rodimus
  5. Kreon Gigatron
  6. Kreon Rattrap
  1. Arcee
  2. Bluestreak
  3. Brawn
  4. Bumblebee
  5. Cliffjumper
  6. Decepticon Frenzy
  7. Gears
  8. Hound
  9. Huffer
  10. Ironhide
  11. Jazz
  12. Megatron
  13. Mirage
  14. Optimus Prime
  15. Perceptor
  16. Prowl
  17. Ratchet
  18. Rumble
  19. Shockwave
  20. Skrapnel
  21. Sideswipe
  22. Skywarp
  23. Soundwave
  24. Starscream
  25. Sunstreaker
  26. Thundercracker
  27. Trailbreaker
  28. Ultra Magnus
  29. Wheeljack
  30. Windcharger
  1. Alpha Trion
  2. Astrotrain
  3. Beachcomber
  4. Autobot Blaster
  5. Blitzwing
  6. Bombshell
  7. Cosmos
  8. Devastator
  9. Dirge
  10. Grapple
  11. Grimlock
  12. Hoist
  13. Inferno
  14. Jetfire
  15. Kickback
  16. Omega Supreme
  17. Powerglide
  18. Ramjet
  19. Red Alert
  20. Seaspray
  21. Skids
  22. Slog
  23. Slug
  24. Smokescreen
  25. Snarl
  26. Swoop
  27. Thrust
  28. Topspin
  29. Tracks
  30. Warpath


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1st seen at botcon2011.

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