The name or term "U.S.S. Enterprise" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see U.S.S. Enterprise (disambiguation).

KRE-O STAR TREK U.S.S. ENTERPRISE Building Set (Ages 9 years & up /Approx. Retail Price: $69.99/Available: May 2013)
Explore the final frontier with the crew of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE, the iconic ship from STAR TREK. Inspired by the ship featured in the film "Into Darkness", the KRE-O STAR TREK U.S.S. ENTERPRISE is 18-inches long and is the first KRE-O set that actually features the new "Lighttech"! Explore the bridge interior play area, glowing warp engines and deflector dish, or launch a lighted photon torpedo. Kids and fans alike will be excited to join KREON figures of CAPTAIN KIRK, SPOCK and DR. MCCOY on the bridge to defend against two villain KREON figures. Set includes 432 pieces and five KREON figures. Requires three AAA Alkaline batteries. Batteries not included.

Klingon Starfleet Attack - Starship face off Set (Toys 'R' Us Exclusive)

"Take the battle far away to the Galaxy, or let your crew beam down, for a face to face fight against the Klingons"

This set was only avaliable at Toys´R us in the US. The Enterprise in this set is a re-release of the intial U.S.S. Enterprise building set and includes many battle damage stickers to give "her" a different look. The exclusive in this set is the Klingon D7 Battle Cruiser; first time offered as a 18" toy version! Included Kreons are Captain Kirk and Spock in their flight suit (dress uniform), Dr. Bones McCoy in his medical shirt, Sulu armed with a Phaser and an exclusive Checkov Kreon, wich is only in this set available. As addition, you get two different painted Klingon Warriors and a Klingon Commander. The Klingon ship also come with a small command bridge interior, wich you can reveal with opening the front and the back hatches. The "Lighttech" feature in this set is a glowing up front Torpedo tube and looks like "ready to fire". But other than the Enterprise, some sets (like this Klingon Ship) feature a light-brick with LED inside, wich lights up, when a small red button is pushed.

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