Transformers Webcomic
2013 010
Megatron indulges his kitbashing hobby.
"Two Huge Fortresses! Everyone Together, Come On, Fight!"
(Minna de nakayoku, sā, tatakaida!)
Publisher Takara Tomy
First published December 2013
By Hayato Sakamoto

The tenth episode of Takara Tomy's Transformers Webcomic: the Autobot base is complete at last—Optimus introduces it as "Autobot City" , or Metroplex! Inside, Bumblebee is trying to decide what to wear, while his bulldog growls at a suspicious boombox just as the sound of a Decepticon attack echoes through the city. Attacking Metroplex from inside and out, Megatron has his minions repaint it as "Decepticon City", and has it Block Transform into the enormous Metrotitan...

...but then it starts to fall apart. Turns out the Autobots didn't put it together so well in the first place because they were snacking on blocks while they worked, as a bloated Optimus and Jazz explain. Feeling sorry for the defeated and distraught Megatron, the Autobots rebuild the base quickly and even give Megatron his own room. Barging into the neighboring room, Megatron challenges Optimus to a duel, and Optimus pulls out a deck of cards. As Megatron draws the Old Maid, snow begins to fall outside; Jhiaxus admires a Christmas tree, and Vortex declares that everyone lived happily ever after-ex.


In order of appearance:




  • Lumina Hoshi
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Misha Miramond


Trivia Edit

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Translation by [Tumblr user needsabouttreefiddy]

  • The third panel and its invasion force of fiction-only Decepticon kreons features both Six Shot (the mold-mate of Shockwave from the Transformers: Energon franchise) and Sixshot (the G1 character with a total of six possible transformations), as well as a bunch more obscure characters, including the comics-only characters Kaon and Fulcrum from the Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye comics published by IDW.
  • Sideways finally appears in full, only to be buried beneath blocks with nothing but his foot sticking out, to his frustration. He seems to be aware of the running gag: could he be the same well-known cross-universal traveler as other versions of Sideways, breaking the fourth wall through his interdimensional knowledge? (Or maybe it's just a gag.)
  • Aside from featuring his see-through clothes in one corner, Megatron's room in the reconstructed city also includes an adorable pillow bearing the likeness of the insecticon Bob, Sideswipe's pet from the IDW Transformers comics.

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