Transformers Webcomic
2013 002
American Bumblebee: reckless prankster

Japanese Bumblebee: puppy-loving softie

"Bumblebee! The Gentle-Hearted Autobot Warrior"
バンブルビー! 心やさしきオートボット戦士
(Bumblebee! Kokoro Yasashiki Autobot Senshi)
Publisher Takara Tomy
First published September 2013
By Hayato Sakamoto

The second episode of Takara Tomy's Transformers Webcomic: while out shopping, Bumblebee prevents a dog from being run over by a reckless driver... by Block Transforming the car into Mega-Bumblebee, throwing the driver from his car. Unsure if Optimus will let him keep the stray dog as a pet, Bumblebee decides to trick him into agreeing by first asking if he can keep Mega-Bumblebee, making the request for a dog seem reasonable by comparison.


In order of appearance:



  • Alexis Thi Dang
  • Doctor Arkeville



Translation - webcomic 02

Translation by Tumblr user needsabouttreefiddy


  • Once again, several kreons appear who are fiction-only, based on the Autobots' human ally Alexis (from the "Unicron Trilogy" of cartoons) and the villainous Decepticon ally Doctor Arkeville. Their bodies are drawn so as to be possible to re-create in kreon form, but their hair (and Arkeville's helmet) are not based on any existing pieces, seemingly a norm for human kreons in the Webcomic.
  • This marks the second time a kreon turns a vehicle into a "Mega" version of himself; this time, Bumblebee simply fires a burst of energy from his hand, identifying the power as "Block Transform".
  • Since the point of this comic seems to be to sell the Stealth Bumblebee construction set, the Bumblebee kreon appears in the Transformers: Prime-inspired style of the kreon in that set, rather than his usual horned "Generation 1" appearance in the other episodes.

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