Transformers Webcomic
2013 003
"A Reliable Warrior!? Vortex, the Lookout from Hell"
頼れる兵士!? 地獄の見張り番ボルテックス
(Tayoreru Heishi!? Jigoku no Mihariban Vortex)
Publisher Takara Tomy
First published September 2013
By Hayato Sakamoto

The third episode of Takara Tomy's Transformers Webcomic: Vortex stands guard at the entrance to the Decepticon base as a beaten and dented Megatron stumbles home. However, because Megatron said not to let anyone enter the base until he was back inside, Vortex refuses to let anyone past him: not even Megatron himself. Reasoning that Megatron could be an imposter, Vortex Block Transforms a helicopter into Mega-Vortex and menaces Megatron. Desperate, Megatron calls the Autobots for help, and watches as they join with Mega-Optimus and Mega-Bumblebee to fight off Mega-Vortex's helicopter mode. Later, a thankful Megatron offers the Autobots refreshments inside his base, before wondering if he may have made a mistake, even as a smoking and battered Vortex weakly welcomes him back.


In order of appearance:





Translation - webcomic 03

Translation by Tumblr user needsabouttreefiddy


  • Starting in this episode, Vortex speaks with a distinctive verbal tic, ending every sentence with an "-ex" derived from his own name. Such a quirk is not unusual in Japanese media, where it is known as キャラ語尾 (kyara-gobi), meaning a "chara"(cter) word/suffix. A comparable character trait in English might be if he constantly spoke in self-referential puns.
  • Even with how little of it can be seen, the Decepticon base is clearly styled after the third "city" alternate mode of the original Scorponok toy. Similarly, the under-construction Autobot base is styled after the city-former Metroplex.
  • Hoist appears in his Micro-Changer form, but he's not yet available in Japan; the appearances of Rodimus and Kup here both predate their debut in the Micro-Changer line, and the differences from their actual physical kreons suggest that their appearance here is a coincidence and not an early reveal.
  • For the first time, the fiction-only kreons in the webcomic include Transformers: Grapple, Kup, Rodimus, Omega Supreme, Whirl, Ultra Magnus, and Jetfire are all drawn to use existing Kre-O parts including helmets and backpieces, but with unique coloration that in some cases would require far more paint applications than is usually seen on kreons.
  • The non-Transformer robot NUL-A also appears among the Autobots, demonstrating that Sakamoto really loves to include obscure characters: NUL-A appeared in only a single episode of the original Transformers cartoon, and briefly at that.

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