Transformers Webcomic
2013 005
File under "things we didn't want to see Transformers doing".
"Emergency! Hurry to the Base, Optimus!"
(Kinkyū jitai! Kichi e isoge Oputimasu!)
Publisher Takara Tomy
First published October 10 2013
By Hayato Sakamoto

The fifth episode of Takara Tomy's Transformers Webcomic: while the Autobots are out on a picnic, Megatron leads a force of powerful Decepticons from atop Mega-Megatron. But Optimus appears suddenly in a truck, before Block Transforming it into Mega Optimus to plow straight through the Decepticons and destroy Mega-Megatron without even stopping his forward momentum. As Megatron wonders why Optimus suddenly returned, the Autobot leader rushes into his base... to use the toilet. Relieved, Optimus exits the base and is surprised to realize that he crushed the Decepticons in his mad rush home. Ashamed, he loads them onto the back of his truck and brings them along to the picnic, much to the shock of Bumblebee and Autobot Jazz.


In order of appearance:




Translation - webcomic 05

Translation by Tumblr user needsabouttreefiddy

  • Among the huge force of fiction-only Decepticons appearing in this episode, the group in the very first panel are all noted for having led the Decepticons in one story or another. Especially notable is Sakamoto's inclusion of Overlord, who does not resemble the Transformers: Masterforce version of the character familiar to Japanese audiences, but rather the pouty-lipped look used in IDW's English language Transformers comics as drawn by artist Nick Roche.
  • The particular Decepticons Optimus runs over in the third panel are a reference to a scene in the 1986 Transformers: The Movie, where Optimus used his vehicle mode to plow through the exact same Decepticons as he came to the rescue of the Autobot base on Earth.

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