Transformers Webcomic
2013 008
Always clean up after your pets.
"Behemoth Combination! But, They’re Cute? The Predacon Team"
巨獣合体!でもカワイイ? プレダコン部隊
(Kyojū gattai! Demo kawaī? Puredakon butai)
Publisher Takara Tomy
First published December 2013
By Hayato Sakamoto

The eighth episode of Takara Tomy's Transformers Webcomic: standing on a cliff overlooking the Autobots, Megatron introduces his new special unit, the Predacons! He reveals their ability to transform into animals... which the Autobots find overwhelmingly adorable. In fact, they're so cute that the Autobots can't bring themselves to fight them, even as the Predacons start destroying everything and pooping out the remains of energy bricks. Thinking he's won, Megatron commands the Predacons to combine into Predaking, but the Autobots decide they are no longer cute and finally start fighting back with an overwhelming assault. Predaking is hit so hard that his components revert back to their adorable animal forms, and Optimus again starts gushing over how cute they are.


In order of appearance:




  • Daniel Witwicky



  • The fiction-only kreons in this episode are especially ambitious, featuring an entire extra combiner team in the background: the Decepticon Breastforce from Transformers: Victory in their combined form Liokaiser. Also appearing are the obscure Generation 1 cartoon aliens Ynara and Alana, the IDW comics-only Decepticon-turned-Autobot and former combiner team member Ambulon, and the original Dreamwave Comics version of the Fallen (rather than his better-known live action movies incarnation).

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