Transformers Webcomic
2013 009
Bluestreak, master of Dynamic Entry!
"Treasure Competition! Beaten By Block Power!"
秘宝争奪戦! ブロックパワーでやっつけろ!
(Hihō sōdatsu-sen! Burokkupawā de yattsukero!)
Publisher Takara Tomy
First published December 2013
By Hayato Sakamoto

The ninth episode of Takara Tomy's Transformers Webcomic: leading a team of Decepticons, Bludgeon has discovered the location of a legendary red bucket containing ancient blocks of great power. Just as Bludgeon is declaring his impending conquest of the Earth, the Autobot Bluestreak appears with a flying kick that shatters Bludgeon's armor and treads (his family heirlooms!) in a single blow. Bluestreak announces his identity, and is joined by Jazz, who insists that he's just an inconspicuous assistant. Meanwhile, Sideswipe is lost and unaccounted-for, unable to find his way to the battle.

Dirge makes his own introduction, transforming and knocking the bucket over to bury the Autobots beneath the blocks inside. Bludgeon believes that his enemies will be buried and forgotten under the very treasure over which they were fighting, but suddenly Mega-Jazz rises from the blocks and captures Bludgeon! Jazz claims that, like himself, the giant Transformer is inconspicuous, but nobody buys it. As Jazz and Bluestreak return home with the blocks, Sideswipe finally arrives... to find the bucket completely empty, and the battle over.


In order of appearance:




  • Among the fiction-only Kreons in this episode is a character in the likeness of one of the cassette Decepticons from the G1 Transformers franchise, who could be either Rumble or Frenzy. Due to differences in coloration between the toyline, cartoon, and comics, there is a long-standing debate as to which of the two better-known "Recordicons" matches this color scheme as opposed to the red on black coloration of the other one.
  • While this episode also serves to advertise the Micro-Changers Bludgeon and Dirge, the level of obscurity for the fiction-only Kreons continues to rise; among Bludgeon's troops is Toxitron, who was once only known as an unproduced prototype, the convention-exclusive Transformers: Animated version of Drag Strip (visible only from the waist down)

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