is a Kreon included in the Street Showdown building set.

Ah! Welcome to my lab! Don’t touch anything! Everything in here is top secret, and probably explosive. My job is to help the AUTOBOTS track down ENERGON before the DECEPTICONS do, and while I usually focus my research on things that melt or detonate, ENERGON-tracking is interesting too. I guess.

Favorite Creation: GRIMLOCK.

Favorite Tool: Quantum Circuit Bender.

Best Friend: AUTOBOT RATCHET repairs me whenever I blow parts off.

Character Profile:

You won't find a more committed Autobot than Wheeljack. He's been dreaming up new and awesome weapons to use against the Decepticons. He's famous for creating the Quantum Circuit Breaker, but don't mention it around Ratchet because he'll get jealous.


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